"We Got You Covered!"

Are you the lucky recipient of a "We Got You Covered!" card? Congratulations! Here's how the card works:

1) Use your card for up to $10 in the purchase of a product or service, either with the merchant who gave you the card or with one of our other participating businesses (see the current list of participants as a pdf file on our website). The merchant will separate the card at the perforation and keep the half with the red serial number. You should keep the other half and….

2) Bring your We Got You Covered card to any office of Volunteer Federal and we'll redeem the other half (the non-numbered half) and give you a free gift just for stopping by! We have many great gifts for you to choose from.

It's that simple! We thank you for doing business in Monroe County and investing in our local economy.
  • More than one card may be used in a transaction. One card may be applied to multiple purchases.
  • There is no expiration date - redeem at any time.
  • Not valid towards the purchase of tobacco products, alcohol or lottery tickets.
  • The card can only be redeemed by a participating business for a credit value of no more than $10.00.


Carla Graves said...

How do you get one of the cards?

Volunteer Federal Savings & Loan said...

Carla: The merchants on our list of participants have the cards, to distribute as they decide. Some use them to reward good customers, some have them as a prize for contests, etc. See our website for a pdf of the current participating businesses:
Thank you for your interest.